Active Dogs

Meet Ozzy

Ozzy's handler is Deputy Patterson. Ozzy is a 5-year-old German Shepherd born in Slovakia. Ozzy traveled to the U.S. in 2018 to begin his police career. In 2018 Ozzy and Deputy Patterson graduated from the Academy. Ozzy is a dual purpose K9 meaning he is trained in patrol work and in detection work.​Ozzy and Deputy Patterson are responsible for taking approximately $48,102 off the street. The duo competes yearly in the United States Patrol Canine Association (USPCA) trials. They came in 1st place in patrol work (PD1) in the USPCA Region 5 trials. In 2022 the duo finished 19th in the PD1 USPCA national trials which include K9 teams from all over the U.S. including New York City Police Department.

Deputy Patterson states, “Being a K9 handler is the most rewarding position within the department.  When Ozzy locates a suspect, sniffs out illegal drugs, or performs well in a USPCA competition, it makes all the long, strenuous hours of training worth it.”

Ozzy Needs:
Nutrition, Water Therapy, Healthcare

Meet Dozer

Dozer's handler is Deputy Luecke. They have been a team since 2020. Dozer was just under 1 1/2 years old whenever he arrived from the Czech Republic. Dozer went through 10 weeks of training then was ready for patrol. Dozer is also a dual purpose K9 who can detect narcotics and apprehend suspects. Dozer's first big drug seizure was only his second sniff on patrol.​Deputy Luecke and Dozer enjoy doing demos for kids. K9 Dozer has been awarded three cases of the quarter for USPCA region 5 since on patrol.

"At home Dozer is like any other family pet. Dozer lounges and plays with the kids."

Dozer Needs:
Nutrition, Water Therapy, Healthcare

Meet King

King's handler is Deputy Persinger. K9 King is a 7-year-old German Shepherd who was born in Slovakia. King was partnered with Deputy Persinger after 6 weeks of training. King is trained in patrol work and narcotic detection. King has served with the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s office for 5 years and is currently assigned to motor patrol with Deputy Persinger.K9 King enjoys participating in public demonstrations. He has competed in the USPCA national field and detection trials in Georgia. K9 King has assisted with getting several criminals off the street.

Deputy Persinger says "K9 King spends his time off with his human brother and sister. He also enjoys long naps and the occasional episode of Cops"

King Needs:
Nutrition, Water Therapy, Healthcare

Meet Jaeger

Jaeger's handler is Deputy Chambers. Jaeger completed 6 weeks of training at Top Dogs police K9 academy before working the streets of Evansville. K9 Jaeger began his law enforcement career in 2020. Jaeger tracks wanted felons, searches for narcotics, looks for articles, and apprehends wanted felons.  During Regional certification in Middletown, Ohio Jaeger received first place in Narcotic room searches.

Jaeger Needs:
Nutrition, Water Therapy, Healthcare

Meet Oliver

Oliver is the inspiration behind Oliver's Heroes. Oliver is a 2-year-old black lab. He is a certified Service Animal and registered through US Service Animal Registrar. If Oliver is not seen working with his trainer he is riding a skate board and hanging out at the pool. He makes frequent visits to Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Residences.

Oliver Needs:
1,000 Hugs