Maintaining the Health of Vanderburgh County's Current & Retired K9s

Oliver's Heroes is a Non-profit located in Evansville, Indiana. We help alleviate medical expenses of current and past police dogs.

Amount Raised
$70K of $200K Goal
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How it works:

Oliver's Heroes is a Nonprofit in Evansville Indiana. Our Goal is to raise funds to help underwrite the Therapy, Health, and Nutrition costs of current and retired K9s.

By donating to our K9 Cop Retirement and Medical Expense Donation Service, individuals and organizations directly contribute to improving the lives of retired police dogs. Together, we can show our appreciation for their service and provide them with the care they deserve during their well-earned retirement.

We maintain transparency with our donors by providing regular updates on how their contributions are utilized. We share stories and updates about the current and retired K9s supported through our service, highlighting their progress, medical treatments, and overall well-being. This helps donors stay connected and informed about the impact of their donations.

Purpose & Focus

Our service aims to ensure that K9s, who have dedicated their lives to serving in law enforcement, receive the care and support they deserve. We focus on addressing their medical needs and providing financial assistance for their ongoing healthcare expenses.

Donor Contributions

Individuals, organizations, and dog lovers who believe in the welfare of K9s can contribute funds to our service. Donors can choose to make one-time donations or set up recurring contributions, depending on their preferences and financial capabilities.

Assessment & Support

Once a retired K9 is identified as in need, we conduct a thorough assessment to understand their specific medical requirements and retirement circumstances. This assessment includes reviewing their medical history, consulting with veterinarians, and considering any specialized care they may need due to age-related conditions or injuries sustained during their service.

Long-Term Commitment

Our service is committed to supporting retired K9s throughout their active and retirement years. We continually assess the needs of retired K9s, monitor their well-being, and provide ongoing financial assistance for their medical and retirement expenses. Our goal is to ensure they enjoy a comfortable and dignified retirement after their years of dedicated service.